About Me

Hello there, handsome- my name is Elisa Mark. I am the adventure you seek and the escape you deserve. Fantasies are worth exploring, and I can’t wait to see where the possibilities will take us.

When it comes to human beings, it’s easy to see what’s on the outside. The physical appearance is the most obvious part and one can make a lot of assumptions about someone based simply on that. If you’ve taken a look at my photos, you’ll see that I’ve got a supple skin, a curvy figure, and long black hair. I take pride in my ultra-feminine appearance with simple make-up and neat hair, and I like to exude a certain air of mystique. Those are all things that are easy to see, but there is more to me, many more facets that I can’t wait to reveal to you. I will keep you guessing, wondering what’s underneath. To put things simply, I am a hopeless romantic. I seek pleasure by way of passion and intimacy. I appreciate the excitement and mystique of intimacy. Whether it be by soft touches, promiscuous glances, or deep conversation over a glass of wine, I have an intense hedonistic craving.

My Rates

1 hour, 500

Meet & Greet

1.5 hours, 700

Cozy Beginnings

2 hours, 850

Fruitful Exploration

4 hours, 1700

Dinner Date

6 hours, 2500

Dessert Anyone?