Age: early 20s
Height: 5’6

Size: 32DD-28-36
Shoe size: 38

A hectic city with people who can barely take two seconds to say hello. You and I find each other by chance — a subtle glance on the subway, a look across the bar of the new restaurant in town—  and we become two strangers that have slowed down, focusing on nothing but each other. The pressures of the outside world slowly fade away as we fall deeper into our little bubble.

This intimacy is what I crave — two human beings baring it all, discovering each other’s bodies and minds, and leaving us yearning for more. I make an effort to bring my true self to every experience, be it the fulfillment of our carnal desires or worldly pursuits.

A multi-faceted woman, eager to reveal the many layers I possess. I will keep you guessing, wondering what’s underneath. To put things simply, I am a hopeless romantic. I seek pleasure by way of passion and intimacy. I appreciate the excitement and mystique of intimacy — Whether it be by soft touches, promiscuous glances, or deep conversation over a glass of wine.

My company is especially suited for those gentlemen who seek a woman that serves as a cure against the mundane routines of work and family; an escape and a haven; a means of experiencing passion and pleasure in its numerous forms.

You will find that I can adapt to any situation, whether it be a passionate romantic evening, a fun night on the town, a sultry lunch date, or whatever escapade you choose. While I enjoy brief, fervent encounters my specialty lies in the extended kind where we can get to know one another over libations and make those anticipated moments that much more memorable.

I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason; the universe must’ve brought us together. I can’t wait to find out why, and I’ll be here, waiting for you to take a bite.