Feeling Curious?

Upon reading my full website, please fill out my form under booking. My screening process is very simple. I require your full name, email and phone number as well some screening info from you to ensure my safety.

Please send me either

  1. TWO provider references from independent companions you’ve met within the past 12 months and can vouch for you


2.  A screenshot of your LinkedIn profile AND photo ID.

*Please allow up to 24 hours for me to get back to you. After that you may send a follow up email.

Please have all donations in an unsealed envelope.

  • For incall meetings, please have the envelope ready for me and excuse yourself to the washroom.
  • For outcalls, please leave the envelope on the washroom counter where I will excuse myself and freshen up.
  • For public settings, please have the donation in a book, or a small gift bag.

It gets uncomfortable to ask so please be courteous!

If I made a list of all my hot friends, I wouldn’t have space to write about myself! (Yes, I’m quite the social butterfly) Here are some of the kittens that are dearest to my heart.

  • Stella Summers (TO)
  • Aaliyah Woods (TO)
  • Lara La Fleur (TO)
  • Emily Cain (TO)
  • Tabitha Roe (LA)
  • Sasha Johansen (MTL)

I also love seeing couples! Kindly add an additional $150 per hour for couples.

I’m a firm believer in learning through experiences and what better way to learn than exploring the world. I’m available for international travel and I’m sure you’d love to have some arm candy by your side as well. I’m passport ready and waiting for you, handsome.

Kindly note that I will require a 50% fee deposit and airfare sent to me to confirm our rendezvous.

2020 USA Tours:

  • NYC
  • CHI
  • LA
  • SF
  • DC

2020 Canada Tours:

  • Montreal
  • Vancouver